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Come Blow the Horn

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Name:Cuthbert Allgood
Birthdate:Apr 8
Canon: The Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass and The Dark Tower Comics

About (Yoinked from the DT Wiki for the moment.)

Cuthbert is described as being tall, thin, and good-looking, with dark eyes and dark hair. However, in the Browning poem, Cuthbert has curly blonde hair.Roland himself claims the golden hair referenced refers to Susan, and the awkward quasi-love triangle that sprang up between them.

Throughout the series, Cuthbert is portrayed as being extremely fond of jokes and using humor as a way of dealing with situations. An example of this is the naming of his horse, Glue Boy, a joke referencing the use of dead horse tissue to make glue. Roland has little patience for these continual jokes and expresses frustration that Bert "can't even name his horse like a normal person.".

Though Cuthbert has a fondness for jokes and a childishness demeanor, Cuthbert proves to be extremely brave and loyal. He is also very intelligent and has a strong memory. He was in charge of remembering the names of all the people in Hambry. Cuthbert also has a sentimental side. He tears up in the marketplace in Hambry when he sees a "serape" that reminds him of his mother. He was also very upset when Eldred Jonas sneaks into the tet's bunkhouse and tore up a photo of Cuthbert's mother and father.

Cuthbert has a special skill with the slingshot. Roland claims that Bert can take a bird on the wing at sixty yards with his slingshot. He demonstrates this skill when he shoots Roy Depape's hand.

Cuthbert wields an antique, beer-barrelled, large caliber five shot nickel-plated revolver known as a 'carver.' Additionally he wield a slingshot on the back of his belt, which he can use with great efficiency being able to hit a bird from 60 yards away. On the left of his belt is a pouch which once contained his fathers tobacco but now holds four dozen steel shots for his sling shot.
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